On average, broadband infrastructure costs 10x less than traditional infrastructure like roads, water, electricity and gas


Mission Statement

CPC is a multidisciplinary communications consultancy. We offer clients talent and seasoned advice at affordable prices, helping them achieve their goals with sound, practical solutions. We have extensive experience with industry leading vendors and providers, with no affinity of any kind to a particular company, product, or technology. No conflict of interest means our customers can be confident we are providing unbiased and unvarnished advice.


Market Studies

Comprehensive survey and detailed analysis of your communications requirements. This includes an in-depth market analysis using primary and secondary research to gauge the level of service required today in the region and how this service is expected to scale over the next 3 to 5 years. These findings become the basis for building a business case.

Business Cases

"Is my business sustainable based on demand?" CPC answers this question with a business case based on: a situational analysis, your business and economic objectives, your financial model, and an implementation timetable.

Business plans

"How do we operate the business over the long term?" CPC believes business sustainability independent of seed and early stage funding is key to ongoing success. The business plan includes: strategies for network operations, engineering, administration, human resources, marketing, membership sales, financials (balance sheet, income statement and cashflow statement) and project management timetable. The business plan may also be the basis for funding applications to governments where applicable.

organizational design

Business models can take the form of a limited partnership, management corporation, or joint venture. CPC assists the customers to select the right model for their business.

Strategic planning

Since a healthy business is more than start-up, CPC assists with strategies from early stages of development and fragile sustainability to robust, diversified enterprises, capable of providing a host of networking and IT needs.

funding applications

CPC uses information from market demand surveys, business cases, organizational designs, strategic plans, and business plans as the basis for funding applications to provincial and federal government agencies and third-party lending institutions. We work in a collaborative fashion with potential funding agents and client representatives throughout the application process in order to improve the chances of success. Some level of matching funds is usually a financial requirement, making it difficult for smaller businesses to take advantage of the programs. CPC has relationships with many of the largest suppliers of communications in Canada, and is able to bring their financial assistance to client's businesses for cash investments and commitments in-kind, to help rural areas achieve the critical mass of funding they need to qualify.

Project Management

CPC assists your business through startup mode and ongoing operation, providing hands-on, day-to-day operations, marketing, sales, network operations, engineering, liaison with suppliers, and finance support as required.