Equitable access to the internet is the right of every Canadian.


What is broadband?

Broadband supports the millions of applications and IP-based devices used by billions of users every second of the day. It’s what makes the world spin. When it comes to internet connectivity, there really is no standard to define broadband. You can’t constrain it with a fixed bandwidth target because the target is constantly getting faster. We can help you keep up. 


Why is broadband an essential utility?

Our economic and social infrastructure rely heavily on broadband. The majority of businesses require broadband connectivity to function and our educational and health care systems would be crippled without it. Most government services are now accessible online, which makes reliable and trustworthy broadband an essential utility for the entire population.


Building and funding broadband infrastructure

Depending on the project, a major build of broadband infrastructure can require funding from either the provincial or federal government, or both. Large telecom is also essential, but it is crucial that fair competition is a part of the plan from the onset to ensure affordable rates for users.

Broadband projects aren’t always public-private partnerships, but there are benefits that both sides bring to the table. Whether there is a partnership involved or not, building and funding broadband infrastructure is an intricate process that requires an eye for detail and decades of experience.

Building an Intelligent Community



Broadband access by knowledge workers to connect with each other. 


Connected workers create new products, services, and applications


The creation and distribution of these new products service and apps drives innovation and innovation drives economic growth in the digital economy;


To drive growth faster still, communities that ensure all of their citizens have an equal ability to participate in the digital economy regardless of their socio-economic, physical or mental acquity, or geographic location will ensure all boats rise with the tide.


These intelligent communities connect all of their community assets digitally to create a smart sustainable ecosystem.


Then these intelligent communities advocate all of these capabilities to the world in order to leverage their burgeoning reputations, attracting and retaining skilled workers, investment capital, and business startups and relocations.


Broadband is the next essential utility, as vital to economic growth as reliable electricity, clean water and good roads.

Campbell patterson | CPC


About CPC

For more than 30 years, Campbell Patterson has facilitated the improvement and development of broadband infrastructure for towns, cities, regions, and large facilities including hospitals and airports. Having a keen eye for future trends and a firm understanding of the Internet of Things, Campbell is the ideal professional you need on your team to bring your broadband connectivity into the 21st century.