The first real sign of AI in our homes


As we approach the age of the Internet of Things, more and more objects are becoming “smart” and connecting and being controlled by other smart devices. By 2020, there will be 50 billion smart devices in use around the world. While new devices are getting connected, existing smart tech is advancing by leaps and bounds. A perfect example is the new interactive smart home assistant, Lighthouse.

In my opinion this is the closest a household object has come to true artificial intelligence (AI). Lighthouse uses computer vision, natural language processing, and 3D sensors to learn more about you, your family, and the activities in your home.

Most smart home systems currently on the market are simply cameras you can access and control via your smartphone or tablet. Lighthouse can take detailed instructions from voice commands! One of the features is called “Pings.” You can tell your Lighthouse to “Let me know if you don’t see the kids leave for school before 8am” or “Send me a Ping when Deb gets home tonight.”

With facial recognition, Lighthouse recognizes your family members, so you can get specific with names when giving instructions. This feature also comes in handy when it comes to home security. Many smart home assistants send false notifications of intrusion simply because it detects movement. Lighthouse’s facial recognition and 3D sensors make for accurate alerts.

There is also voice and text search. You no longer need to scroll through hours of video to find that one moment you’re looking for. For example, you can ask “Who came to the front door this morning?” or “Did you see Andrew feed the cats while I was away?”

As smart tech continues to advance rapidly, it’s becoming more important every day for homes and communities to be connected to affordable and reliable broadband. I can see a product like Lighthouse working not only for a home but also workplaces, farms, store security, schools, etc.

Lighthouse may seem too futuristic to be true, but it will be shipping to purchasers this September! Do you want a smart device like Lighthouse in your home?